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What is your Refund Policy?
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DreamHorse is a service business committed to serving your horse and horse-related advertising needs. We are paid for services rendered and we want to make sure that you receive the services for which you have paid.


Please contact our help desk if you have any outstanding issues with a credit card transaction. We will need ONE of the following to find your order and issue a refund:


  • and/or LAST FOUR digits of the credit card number


We issue refunds in batches. We continue searching for photos for up to a month and send up to four notices that we have not received the photo(s). As an Accredited Better Business Bureau company doing business online for over 25 years, our customers can depend on us to handle refunds properly.


DUPLICATE ORDERS: We issue refunds for all duplicate orders.


PHOTOS NOT RECEIVED: We issue refunds for orders where the photo was not received within a month.  Service charge may apply to cover our merchant fees.


OVERPAYMENTS: We issue refunds for unintentional overpayments.


SPECIAL SITUATIONS: We issue refunds due to special situations such as a horse selling, being injured, etc., before we could complete an order. Please contact our help desk.


FRAUD: If we believe a credit card has been used fraudulently on our site, we issue a refund immediately and do everything we can to block its further use.


VIOLATION OF OUR TERMS OF USE: We do NOT automatically issue refunds on orders which are in blatant violation of our Terms of Use including copyright issues and ads with subject matter that is not allowed on our site:


SERVICE CHARGE: We reserve the right to retain a service fee in special situations (see above) or where we have repeatedly searched for the photo and repeatedly sent email notifications to a customer and never received any type of response to our requests, etc. (Every transaction imposes a merchant fee up us which is never credited back to us.)


Please contact our help desk with any unresolved issue involving your credit card transaction and allow us the chance to resolve it before taking the issue to your bank. This will help us keep our excellent record with our bank. Thank you.


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